My Reward – Tim Reimherr

My Reward
Tim Reimherr
Let the Weak Speak


Verse 1:

It’s alright with me to waste my life here at Your feet
This one needed thing will never be taken
I’m keeping Your commands with my heart, with all I am
When the storm comes rolling in, I’ll never be shaken

‘Cause I’m living for the unseen


You are all I’m living for
My ever great reward is to live with You forever
All my heart is aching for
Is the day of Your return, to live with You forever

Verse 2:

Life is vanity without first knowing You love me
This one thing I seek, to see Your beauty
I’m a stranger here with You, and nothing in this life will do
Until a resting place for You is established

‘Cause I’m living for the unseen


No matter how good this life may get
For me it will never be the best
Until You find Your home here
Running this race to win the prize
I will not give sleep to my eyes
Until You find Your home here


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3 Responses to “My Reward – Tim Reimherr”

  1. Bob Katz Says:

    This is a beautiful song. Unfortunately it is false theology. To keep his commands is to obey his commands. His commands are far beyond an soulish “knowledge” of his love “at his feet”. The primary commands of Jesus Christ are the daily taking up of your cross and dying to self, abiding in Him, loving each other, and preaching the Gospel to all nations. If you’re living for unseen then read Hebrews 12 and 1 Peter and see what that requires.

  2. ronnie kisosr Says:

    what in the song would lead you to believe they said anything against obeying christ? it looks as though you just want to criticize. in fact i just read the lyrics again. and you defiantly just want to argue. there is literally nothing in the song that would lead you to believe anything for you to argue against. im keeping your commands. with all my heart, with all i am. that sounds like obeying christ. and as 1st john says, the commands of god arent burdensome. you are divisive. shame.

  3. ronnie kisosr Says:


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