Job 38 – John Mark McMillan

Job 38
John Mark McMillan
Hope Anthology Volume One


Verse 1:

I want to sing like the stars in Job 38
When all the sons of God shouted for joy
I want to burn like the bush and not be consumed
So bright the nations would take off their shoes, take off their shoes


I want to shine with the glory of an unveiled face
I want to radiate with the fire of You
I want to shout from the roof what I hear in dark
I want to be dangerous with the truth


I will be Your lamp if You will pour the oil
If You light the incense, I will be Your censer
I will be Your tabernacle if You will be my ark
I will be Your body if You will be my heart

Verse 2:

I want to watch the darkness run
I want to step like a torch into the night
A city on a hill cannot hide; I can’t hide this light, this light


I was born to shine (I was born to shine
I was born to shine, I was born to shine)


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