Beautiful King – Danyew

Beautiful King


Verse 1:

Beautiful King, has anybody seen Your glory unfold?
You walk up to me with sparks in Your eyes; You brighten my world
And You’ll always be my only One; You’re the only God I’ll ever love


Every word that You say wields the beauty of angels
Every smile’s arrayed with a joy like wedding bells
It’s my heart You hold; of Your mystery I sing
I will stand and behold my beautiful King

Verse 2:

Love of my soul, with power untold, who is like You?
Lamb that was slain, my God, You reign in victory and truth
And I’ll follow You all my days, and I’ll give to you every single thing
(I hand everything over)


Time flies by, we’re not standing alone
Every word that You say, Father, let it be known
I fall so fast without You by my side
Let Your beauty be seen, let Your glory unfold
Let Your glory unfold, let Your glory unfold, let Your glory unfold


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