Moving forward

Thank you all again for your support over the years, and I hope that this blog has been helpful in one way or another to all of you as we discover new music together.

This fall I’ll be doing a training school through YWAM Kona and need to raise $9000 to attend. It’s a six-month program to train spiritual leaders and send them out into the mission field. I’ve always hesitated to ask for money on this site because the whole point is that this is a free ministry. However, if you feel led to donate to support me, you can do so here:

Square Donate Button

Again, thank you so much and I hope that this web site has blessing you in some way.

— Jackson


4 Responses to “Moving forward”

  1. Robert Anthony Says:

    feel free to contact me my wife and i are missionaries… on our way to Hawai’i!!

  2. autumntisdale Says:

    Good luck, you guys!! Prayers to you!

  3. George Estrada Says:

    Hey man, I just wanted to say that “Ascribe” is wrong here. It is written by Cory AND his wife Ana Asbury and the lyrics are never “Give unto the Lord” but always “Ascribe unto the Lord”. CCLI has it that way and Cory sings it this way. Just thought I’d mention that in hopes it gets fixed cause I’ve come across people singing it wrong cause they got it from here….

  4. Chloe Mack Says:

    Hey! I haave been using your website for such a long time! like years! Are you doing Fire and Fragrance?

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